Support with Homelessness

By Member, Jun 7 2018 05:17PM

A 34 year old white male who found himself homeless through no fault of his own came to

One Community for help in finding accommodation. According to him, he works with the circus acrobatic group and during the peak season when there is work he stays with the team on the caravan but as the season is over, he is homeless, with no money and no means of feeding himself. He went to the local authority for help and an officer signposted him to One Community for help.

We made a few telephone calls to a couple of our partners and I was able to secure an appointment for him to “Open Door” where they were able to offer him a temporary accommodation in Southend. On the same day I offered him a food voucher to help him in the meantime. He came back to let me know of the outcome of the help we gave him.

“I felt like I was at my end till I came here and made to feel like I am not just a statistic on paper”

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This is my testimonial explaining my situation and my heartfelt appreciation to Bernice Barning my first point of contact at One Community drop-in centre. A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a scary place. Universal Credit was refusing to pay me any monies at all because I couldn't provide a tenancy or written letter.

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