Housing Disrepair Issues

By Member, Feb 21 2020 12:42PM

In November 2019, I walked to One Community to ask for help with the state of disrepair in my temporary accommodation.

I was only given 72 hours notice by the local authority to move into this property otherwise according to the local authority I would have made myself internationally homeless. At the viewing, I observed mould, damp and a few other repairs which I brought to the landlord's attention. The landlord told me that its the lifestyle of the previous tenants (ie lack of ventilation, cleaning and drying clothes created condensation on the walls). He reassured me that all the problems will be dealt with before I move in and so in January 2019, we moved in. Eleven monthis into our tenancy, the mould and damp had gotten worse and despite our repeated telephone calls to the landlord nothing got done. I went to One Community and spoke with Bernice, she asked me to do a short video for her. Thereafter, Bernice wrote to the landland and copied Thurrock Environmental Health who then visited my address and ordered the landlord to carry out the works. The landlord has been served - Housing Act 2004 notice to address all the repairs/ the work by April 2020 . I am happy to say that following on from Bernice's intervention, Environmental Health are now involved and the landlord has commenced the works.

Bernice and One Community are our voice as English is not our first language. They help people like myself and family and show that they really care for your best interest. Thank you for your help, advice and support. Without One Community I wouldn't know what to do and where to go so I am sooooooo grateful for the little things that mean a lot to me such as every Wednesday calling me to come for support with the food.

Thank you


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This is my testimonial explaining my situation and my heartfelt appreciation to Bernice Barning my first point of contact at One Community drop-in centre. A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a scary place. Universal Credit was refusing to pay me any monies at all because I couldn't provide a tenancy or written letter.

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